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The black stallion just keeps coming back to his home turf.
This is the second time the Black Stallion has returned to the BLM land just north of Sundance Mesa. Is he laughing at us?

He was released to the preserve and stayed a few months but found a hole in the fence at the gravel mine between the preserve and “home.”

Most of the Sundance community members were delighted to see him.
They started putting out water troughs and hay. Many offered favorable comments on the neighborhood web exchange, like “So happy to see horses again.” “I miss seeing our horses behind my home”.  “I’ve been watching the Black Stallion since he returned. Can he stay?”

The BLM said he had to go back.
So, we corralled him, but not before the horse-haters showed up retorting that the BLM land was for people, not horses. They demanded that Placitas Wild volunteers working on the corral remove him before he damaged the 3,100 acres he was roaming all by himself.

We took him back, and he returned within a week.
The fence has not been repaired. He has a slight limp. The vet said it looked like a minor injury that should clear up soon. The BLM has been cooperative. He is scheduled to be corralled the first week in May. He will be returned as soon as the pueblo fence is secure.