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Stucco is an adorable little bay horse who looks remarkably like Duke except does not have the little bit of white on his forehead. He can almost always be found with his adopted family Mary, Misha and Cash. Mary and Misha are owned, domesticated horses that reside on the preserve. Cash and Stucco are very close and will often roam the preserve together, sticking their snouts next to holes in the water hoses to get their faces wet and running around scaring the other horses or getting into some kind of trouble. Stucco is very shy and skittish but will come up to take treats from your hand when offered. He was taken in after being found with his back leg stuck in a fence, hence the name "Stuck-o" which we changed to Stucco. He is extremely sweet and has a super cute little boy face with his dorky ears which tend to make him irresistible

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