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Named after the Man in Black, Cash is a small gelding, whitish gray in color with quite the personality. His distinctive large head shape, dorky ears and curious eyes encompass a sweet and sassy horse who loves to nibble on anything within neck reaching distance. He'll steal the hat right off your head, nip at the keys hanging from your belt loops and chew on your hair from behind. Always looking for new things to play with and potentially eat, Cash will follow you around the preserve as best as he can while staying close to his adopted brother Stucco. He'll make strong eye contact with you while slowly reaching his neck out and pulling his lips back to chomp down on something that is of course inevitably, completely inedible. The sounds of the Ranger startle him, despite years of growing accustomed to it and you can get a lovely show of Cash jumping with his front legs to get his big head over the back of a Shire if you drive anywhere in his vicinity. Despite his nipping, Cash is an extremely affectionate horse once he gets to know you, he's just a little sassy. 

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