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Navajo & Diablo


Navajo and Diablo are both good sized boys. Navajo (pictured left) is a brown and white paint with a black and white mane and a white star on his forehead. Diablo (pictured right) has a similar star on his forehead, a little more prominent than Navajos and is easily distinguishable due to his gorgeous brown roan coat and dark brown mane. Navajo and Diablo are almost always near each other, Navajo being more bold while Diablo is shy. It was very hard to get a picture of the two of them together where Diablo was not hiding behind Navajo. They are both extremely sweet and affectionate horses and Navajo will often walk right up to you when he wants food and will smell your hand very thoroughly before letting you touch him when he feels like it.

Diablo tends to stay behind Navajo and is extremely skittish, preferring to maintain a several feet distance between himself and unknown people or objects. They are best friends and get along very well, Navajo tending to scare other horses off when he wants to be left alone and often protecting Diablo  when he feels the need to. 

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