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Bella and her herd migrated from the northeast of Placitas.

We first saw her looking extremely thin and hungry the year before we opened the Preserve. That’s her now looking fit and very Bella (beautiful).

Bella is a tri-colored paint with distinctive black lines just above her hoofs and stockings. She looks all made up with mascara, ready to go out on the town. Bella is the lead mare in this group, and the smaller black and white filly is her daughter. King is the dark grey stallion with two light markings in the shape of a horseshoe on his right jaw. Just before their move to the preserve, King picked up Blondie, the light bay mare with a blond mane and tail. This is a colorful band living on the preserve.

King is a bit of a bully.

He has decided that the big, round, 500-gallon water tank is his. He does his best to keep other horses from drinking from it. He runs around and around it just as another band comes up to drink. You’d think he’d get dizzy. He guards it so well we’ve had to add 4 smaller tanks disbursed throughout the preserve to ensure all the bands can easily get adequate water.

When Perry trucks water, he loads a 500-gallon tank onto the back of the truck and fills it from the well with the big 3” hose using the generator. Perry then drives the truck out to all the smaller tanks. Please donate if you’re able. We can always use more water tanks.