about us

                            “A large and liquid eye. The swirl of dust around pounding hooves …
                             These, then, are the images that move us.” ~ Author Unknown


Placitas Wild is a New Mexico, non-profit, tax-exempt corporation dedicated to the nurture and care for the wild horses of Placitas that have roamed our community for decades.


During the six years Placitas Wild has been “officially organized” as a NM corporation plus the ten previous years Placitas Wild informally operated, it has had as its mission to provide care for the horses. First on BLM lands, then on the lands of the San Felipe Pueblo and now on private lands in Placitas. The wild ones who still struggle to find a large permanent home free from traffic and harassment from unsupportive community members are cared for daily by dedicated volunteers who feed, water, and oversee their veterinary care.  


Placitas Wild is a frequent sponsor of community educational programs about living with wildlife. We make every effort to communicate the Placitas community views to planning groups and governmental agencies at all levels as provided by the corporation By-Laws.



“A dog may be a man’s best friend, but the horse wrote history.” ~ Author Unknown

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