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Aussie & little boy (1).jpeg

Diego is a fairly small brown and white paint gelding with a black and white mane. His brown markings on the top of his head make it look like he's wearing a cap. He is a dorky and sweet horse that will come up to say hello. For his small stature, Diego has a huge personality. He will always eat out of the back of the Ranger until it's empty and once there is very hard to move when you need to get the hay out. He very much takes on the role of a father like figure to the little ones and their mommas and will put on a lovely show of fake bravado when he feels as though they are in danger. When an outside stallion came up the fence making a racket, Diego put his ears back and charged at it, turning just before the bars and running along the side of it to chase him off. Even though he could never stand a chance against a hardened stallion, Diego sure will fake it to protect his little ones and it's hard not to fall head over heels for him because of it.

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