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Mercedes is the beautiful tri-colored pinto mare that graces the Placitas Wild t-shirts and calendars. She was born May 6, 2006 and comes by her good looks naturally. Her mother is Lilly and her father is Don Juan. Mercedes is a bit shy, but so photogenic that people are always taking her picture.

She was a tiny foal often seen with her family, lying near the fence along the frontage road. The herd often drank from water troughs placed there by the public during the 2006 summer drought.

Once that summer, she had half the neighborhood racing down the frontage road because she had slipped under the fence while sleeping. She was wandering along the fence line on the wrong side of the road, chasing her frantic Mom. We managed to gently push her back under the fence, and she was safely reunited with her Mom.

For a time we used to see tiny Mercedes and her Mom, Lilly, negotiating their way between huge moving gravel trucks at Lafarge gravel pit, looking for water. All the trucks would stop for her and Mom to pass. She was a Lafarge favorite.

Mercedes has had some beautiful pinto youngsters and runs free on San Felipe Pueblo Preserve having been captured by Al Baca on his mine and ransomed by the community from a kill-buyer in 2014.