name this colt

Screen Shot 2018-10-30 at 11.26.34

This little black fellow was born on the Preserve April 20th.
Since there will be fewer and fewer babies in the future, we wanted to be creative in naming those we do have.

We want names that will create interest and curiosity on our Resident’s page. The volunteers have been throwing around possible names and decided it would be a better idea to have a naming contest.

Submit your name for this little guy using the comment tab.
From the submissions, we’ll choose a name that best fits his personality and family group. He is growing fast and is very rambunctious. His Mom is Tawny.

The naming contest winner will be awarded a framed picture.
The frame will designate his name and yours, as his “official name giver.” In addition, you’ll receive progress reports and email pictures of him throughout his first year.

As the winner, you will also be invited to come to the Preserve to take your own pictures. Think of a name fitting for this beautiful colt to live in to what we hope will be a long and healthy life on the Preserve.