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Sundance is a handsome, bright, coppery bay Stallion. He has the Placitas wild horse trademark tail that drags the ground with a mane that show horse owner’s envy.

Sundance was born in Algodones to Rico and Blue Lady in 2004. By 2006, when he matured, you could see him being pushed from his band, just beyond the quarry, to the edges of La Mesa. Every time Sundance attempted to return to the band, he was pushed put again. Volunteers like to joke that it was as if he was being forced to “move out and get a job.”

























After months of being driven away from his boyhood home, he finally got the message and took up residence on the Placitas side of Las Huertas. Months of roaming led him to old Nana, and the two became a family. Old Nana needed protection and Sundance longed for his own herd. They made a Placitas Odd Couple: “Cougar Nana” with the young and handsome Sundance stallion.

Sundance learned a lot from Nana. He continues to reside on the Preserve protecting his band.














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