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Pinta is beautiful black and white mare. We are unsure who her parents are or how old she is. We think she is one of the pintos that escaped roundup in 2001.

Pinta has had some bad luck with foals.
While being chased on Thanksgiving in 2006 she fell. We believe the foal may have been injured in her womb. She gave birth in the winter of 2007 and the foal did not survive.

Pinta is a real pin-up girl.
You might have noticed her picture at the Range, Flying Star, Abuelita’s, Mimi’s, Whole Foods, G&S Office Supply, and at several local artist studios. Her picture is all over the area thanking local businesses and artists for supporting the Placitas wild horses.

She and all her surviving offspring are running free and wild on the Preserve.


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