Sassy is the only bay mare in the bands known to roam the western area of BLM land. Observers know that her mother is Molly, and that she was born in the summer of 2007. It’s speculated that since she is a bay, her father may be Rico from the Algodones area.

Sassy came to the Preserve in an unusual way. Her friend, Pinta showed up on the Preserve having been stolen from Don Juan by Sundance. The next day, Pinta had her pal, Sassy, in tow, bringing her to the new herd.

Sassy was named aptly. A group of ladies were taking food in backpacks to the Sundance band. While they were hiking in, Sassy grabbed a backpack, and tried to wrestle it away. She knew where the food was, and had little patience for waiting. Sassy refuses to be bossed around by anyone in the herd, especially Sundance, the stallion. Actually, she bosses him around like a mare twice her size.























Later, Sassy gave birth to a colt, and an animal attacked them during the colt’s first three weeks. The scars along the colt’s face and deep gash along his chest have since healed. Sassy incurred a few gashes along her chest in the same attack, though she lived up to her name, defending her baby.

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