Steve & jojo

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The story of Stevie and his half-brother, Jo Jo, is not unlike that of many Placitas wild horses helped by Placitas Wild.

Jo Jo (the small bay colt pictured above) is the son of Sundance and Blossom. Jo Jo was born in September 2015 with a terrible sinus and bronchial infection that left him barely able to breathe. We were unsure he would survive, so he was moved to a private corral in an attempt to treat his infection.

Blossom had become attached to Stevie, a handsome pinto yearling who was ignored by his own Mom, Pinta.

















Stevie kept Blossom company during her pregnancy and immediately latched onto Jo Jo as a big brother. So, Stevie came with Blossom and Jo Jo when they were moved for Jo Jo’s treatment. X-rays were taken with a portable x-ray machine, blood was drawn for cultures, and antibiotics were started to help Jo J’s healing process.

Our local Albertson’s helped Jo Jo get better by furnishing a giant teddy bear for Jo Jo to sleep with. Featured on YouTube, the teddy bear treatment has been used to help soothe abandoned or neglected newborn colts. So when volunteers saw a giant teddy bear at Albertson’s, they showed Jeremy Miller, the General Manager, the YouTube video and he immediately donated the Teddy Bear. Jo Jo snuggled up to his new teddy bear right away.














The initial $985 veterinarian bill was paid by a generous gift to Placitas Wild. Jo Jo has since completely recovered. He still romps and plays with Stevie, his constant companion, both of whom are now back on the Preserve.

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