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Maverick was born November 4, 2008 to Pinta and Don Juan. Maverick proved to be a tough little filly, weathering the cold temps of winter. She was often seen with icicles on her back.

At three days old her mother and the band were spotted on a very steep hill, running full force to the bottom. Maverick managed to stay right next to mom, never losing her footing. It has been noted that she looks like a cutting horse when she runs. A real Rodeo-girl!



















Maverick was born with one blue eye that has not changed color with age. She’s short, strong, and stocky. But don’t let her short stature fool you. She’s full of courage.  While in a holding corral, waiting to be moved to the Preserve, Maverick would nudge her way into the crowded feeding trough. Fearless, she refuses to be intimidated by horses twice her size.

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