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Cha Cha


Cha Cha is one of our young mares, she is a good sized grayish brown roan and, while tending to be a bit skittish and shy she is also extremely playful. When opening the gate to feed, sometimes she will try to sneak into the outdoor area with Kite. She is always the first one to show up for food and comes running down the hill from the upper to the lower part of their pen. Oftentimes, she will try to sneak some hay off while it is still sitting in the Ranger. When you bring their favorite apple flavored horse treats, Cha Cha suddenly becomes very sociable and will walk right up to you in order to snuffle your hand and nudge your shoulder for treats. She is always a very energetic and affectionate horse and is about the same age as her friends Curly and Kite.

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