Milagro was born to Nana on June 28, 2008. A Placitas Wild volunteer witnessed his birth. Early in the morning Nana appeared agitated, and lay down to give birth within the hour. The herd kept watch during his birth while a group of coyotes circled round. It was an easy delivery, and Milagro was walking up a steep hill, nudged forward by the herd members shortly thereafter.

The day after he was born, Milagro suffered an injury. After being seen by a vet tech, it was determined that he had cactus spines embedded in his knee.  Several weeks of treatment ensued, while we would hold him down, clean his wound, and re-bandage it.

Milagro made a full recovery, but if you look closely, you can see that one front knee is larger than the other. He currently resides on the Preserve with his own band, a living legacy of his mother, Nana.

He is pictured here with Sassy, and as an adult Stallion, all grown up.


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