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Billy & Thunder


Billy and Thunder, our sweet duo, are actually uncle and nephew. During the day they can be found wandering around the preserve, often very close to each other. Except, of course, when you actually need them to be together to corral them for meal times. While Billy eagerly walks into their pen in the hopes of finding some hay to eat, Thunder likes to stand just outside the opening and look at you, wondering how you could possibly expect him to walk in without any food already in there. While waiting for breakfast and dinner, these boys like to paw at the fence surrounding them and apparently, quite like the taste of the metal it's made of. Both boys will nuzzle your hand gently if you hold it out for them to smell and will often stand still and look at you when you try to pet them. They are a very sweet and charming duo, walking everywhere in no hurry, taking life one step at a time

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